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Creating an Annotated Map with GMT

For this example, we’ll create a map of Alaska and annotate it. If you looked at the Simple Globe example you’ll recall that the -R switch controls the extent of a GMT map. Alaska ranges from about 172 degrees east longitude to 130 degrees west. Using 360 degrees for the entire globe, this translates to […]

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Creating a Simple “Globe” with GMT

The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) can be used to create high quality maps for printing or use in web pages or documents. You can easily create a simple globe (similar to the one on this website) using GMT. Here is the command: pscoast -JA0/20/2.5i -Bg30/g15 -Dl -A2000 -G187/142/46 -S109/202/255 \ -R0/360/-90/90 -P -N1 > simple_hemi.eps […]

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