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The Proof is in Hand

The proof copy of The Geospatial Desktop has arrived and is being reviewed. It shouldn’t be long now before the book is available on Amazon. If you want to be notified when the book is available, use the Contact form to provide your email address. We’ll notify you when we have a firm date for […]

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The Volcano and the Buffer

Here in Alaska we have over 130 volcanoes with more than 50 being active in about the last 250 years. Presently Mt. Redoubt is in an eruptive phase and has been since March 22. Ash from the volcano has fallen in a number of communities and areas throughout the state. A couple of weeks or […]

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Extracting and Warping a Raster

Sometimes you need just a portion of a raster for use in your latest mapping project. In this example we will see a simple way to extract a rectangular region of an image and warp it to the desired projection. The tools for accomplishing this feat are gdal_translate and gdalwarp, both part of the GDAL […]

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